How Digital Watches Work

How Digital Watches Work

Features of a digital watch

  • Lighted face or digits: This illuminates the watch in low-light situations or at night
  • Water resistant: The maximum depth is 300 meters
  • They are Wi-Fi enabled
  • Mp3 player
  • Calorie monitor: popular in sport watches
  • Compass
  • Temperature: Fordisplaying the actual temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit

How the watch worksHow Digital Watches Work

The watch has different feature that enables the displaying of time on the LED screen

Battery: The digital Mens Watches Under 200 run on a battery. This is the power source. The battery is small and round shaped. The battery is directly connected to the crystal oscillator.

Crystal oscillator: Is made of the quartz crystal. actually, its function is to draw power from the battery, and is designed to create the 60-hertz signal. One hertz represents one oscillation per minute. By doing that, the watch is enable to display the time accurately.

Counter: The crystal oscillator sends signals to the counter. The signal is known as the time base. This is a pre-programmed device that breaks the time base. This happens by the division of certain numbers. Further, the division is done again and again by divides by by 6. This helps in the creation of seconds which allows proper display of time.


Binary digits are sent to a special microchip. The microchip has a 7-segment display converter. The microchip is set to change the binary digits into a seven-series number that corresponds the seconds, minutes and hours of the actual time. The time is displayed on the watch screen through the LED lights that display the digits. That is how time is displayed.

Benefits of digital watches

  • It is a fashion accessory
  • It tells time accurately, including seconds and microseconds.
  • They have a fluorescent background
  • They have several features such as calorie monitor
  • They are durable and can be easily repaired
  • They are customizable
How Digital Watches Work