How To Use Hair Clippers

Those who wish to save money on producing short hairstyles may want to know how to use hair clippers. Hair clippers are quick and easy to use at home, even if you have no hair cutting experience just by following these simple steps.

Choosing A Guard SizeHow To Use Hair Clippers

All hair clippers come equipped with several attachments enabling the user to cut their hair to varying lengths. The majority of users will choose the cut the sides of their hair with a shorter attachment than that used for the top of their head. Usually, the longest guard will be a size 7 or 8 and this will leave around an inch of hair. If you choose a guard that is shorter than a 4, some of your scalp will show. See

How To Use Hair Clippers

Make sure that your hair is dry and ready for cutting. Wet hair should never be cut with clippers as the blades may rust. Hold your hair clippers with the blades facing downward and work down against the direction that your hair grows in. This will enable more hair to be caught in the guard. Do not move the clippers too quickly as you may tug on your hair or cut your scalp. A smooth, slow cut will produce better results.

Finishing Off

Once you have used the guard on the clippers to cut the majority of your hair, remove the guard and then turn the clippers over. Cut cleanly around the ears and nape of your neck, then use the clippers smoothly from the base of the hairline down the neck to ensure smoothness and comfort. Run the clippers down from the sideburns, but ensure that they have equal lengths.  What’s the Best Trimmer for Body Hair in 2016? | bestbodyhairtrimmer

Cleaning Your Clippers

Once you have finished using your hair clippers, it’s important to clean them thoroughly. Brush all hair from the blades and then disinfect them with alcohol. Apply a thin layer of oil to the blades and the store securely until the next use.

How To Use Hair Clippers